What is a fixed match?

What is a fixed match?

Betting on fixed matches takes place in organised sport, where the game is played with a wholly or partly pre-determined outcome, in violation of the game’s rules and often the law.

The most typical motive is to get money from the bookies.

However, teams may also do so for future gains, such as better picks in the draft or, on paper, a less prestigious opponent in the play-offs.

How do you know the match was fixed?

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Recognising a rigged game is not as easy as it may seem. Imagine how many times you have shouted in front of the T.V. or at the stadium: ‘the referee is a jerk!’ probably more than once, you thought there was something wrong, and either the referee or the players pocketed big money.

But simple mistakes don’t always go hand in hand with corrections because sport is a game of errors, and usually, the one who makes the least of them wins.

Nevertheless, any suspicious behaviour should make you wary. This is the first sign that a preconceived scenario may be unfolding before your eyes.

Another way of identifying fixed plays is through betting sites. If you notice a sudden jump in betting odds on, for example, a team that was given no chance; or strange changes in the number of goals, cards, or corner kicks, be aware that this is not a common occurrence.

To summarise, there is no pre-determined way of identifying a fixed match 100% of the time. Something might look like the most desperate or ridiculous in the world, however.

For example, when a player concedes an easy goal from two yards out, in the end, he can always justify that it was due to a hole in the field or tension at a critical moment.

But how do you prove that he missed on purpose because it wasn’t in his best interests to win?

Where to find fixes?

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In practice, it is very difficult or even impossible to access match-fixing information. But we have the real fixed matches here and all you need is to get in touch with us.

On the other hand, the Internet is bursting at the seams with sites promising types of supposed fixes. Or they are big frauds.

This is especially so on Facebook, where you can create a profile in seconds and start making promises without any cover.

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